Even if you’re already healthy, you must be able to maintain it. A healthy body and healthy mind is the foundation of our well being, but keeping that foundation solid is an ongoing challenge. Every day, every week, every month, every year, we face different physical, mental and emotional obstacles. If you’re going to preserve your good health and continue being healthy as you grow older, you need to follow a lifestyle that will keep your health in perfect balance, guard you from infection, and reduce the effects of ageing. That’s what Ayurveda can do for you.

Your journey begins with the Dosha Consultation.

Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda doesn’t provide unsatisfactory ‘one size fits all’ solutions. It’s those ‘quick fix’ solutions that created many of our problems in the first place.

Instead, Ayurveda recognizes how unique you are. There are hundreds of individual reasons why you might become sick, or why you’re predisposed to certain ailments; reasons that include your cellular genetics, your lifestyle and family history, and – most importantly – the physical and mental tendencies that control you, the nature that’s been with you from the moment you were born.

Ayurveda believes that everything in the universe – including ourselves – is composed of five basic elements: earth, air, fire, water, and space. Our natural constitution (in other words, who we truly are) is called prakriti and it’s influenced by different combinations of those five elements, which are called doshas. There are three doshas present in everyone’s body:
        o  Vata dosha (which favours the elements of air and space)
        o  Pitta dosha (which favours the element of fire)
        o  Kapha dosha (which favours the elements of earth and water)

If you’re going to become perfectly healthy, it’s vital to know your dosha type. In a way, your dosha type is a lot like your personality type, but so much more. Your dosha is an energy flow that controls what’s best for your body and mind, including the food you eat, the exercise you take, and how you sleep.

When you know your dosha type, you can make the lifestyle changes that will keep your body healthy and in complete balance and correct the imbalances that are currently making you sick. That’s why every Ayurveda treatment starts with a dosha consultation.


During the Dosha Consultation we’ll identify your dosha type, reveal any health weaknesses or pre-dispositions you should be aware of, and I’ll design you a bespoke lifestyle and diet program to ensure you will always enjoy peak health. It is a clinical consultation that lasts approximately one hour, and you should arrive with an empty stomach (i.e. don’t take any food or drink (except water) for at least two hours before the appointment.)

We begin with a dosha check, which is my particular expertise. The dosha check is a simple pulse diagnosis, during which I read your pulse by applying three fingers to your wrist. Your pulse will tell me everything I need to know about your dosha and your current state of health. No other equipment is involved, and there are no scans or blood tests.

Following the pulse diagnosis, I’ll use my specially devised consultation form to ask you a comprehensive range of personal, medical and lifestyle questions. We’ll cover everything from your family history and daily routine to your previous illnesses. We’ll discuss your medical history, your sleeping patterns, your diet, exercise and stool habits. I’ll ask you a lot of questions, but they are all important questions I’ve developed over the course of my career that have helped me identify the dosha types and re-energise the lives of thousands of patients.

After the consultation, I will tell you which dosha type you are and design a bespoke treatment program that will cleanse your system and bring your unique combination of doshas back into balance. Don’t forget that your body is the most incredible machine ever created, and if a machine isn’t cleaned it quickly loses its functionality. The treatment program will involve a specially chosen supplement of Ayurvedic herbs and powders to deep cleanse your body, as well as a tailored diet plan and a gentle exercise program incorporating elements of yoga and meditation. I’ll also make adjustments to your water intake. To achieve ideal health, most of my patients request treatment programs that last from 3-6 months or even up to a whole year.

The treatment program I design is precisely engineered for you, and even if you already consider yourself healthy you’ll begin to feel improvements very quickly. Most of my patients report significant improvements in their overall health and energy levels within the first three weeks. I’ll regularly check your progress over the following months and reassess and refine your treatment program if necessary. By the end of the treatment period, you’ll feel much stronger, healthier, and completely cleansed both inside and out. Once your treatment is successfully completed, we’ll continue to monitor your ongoing progress to ensure your doshas remain in balance and you’ll always enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle.


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