Are you eating as healthily as you could be? Do you want to know how your dosha type affects your diet, so you can be certain you’re eating the right foods to maintain your health and keep your mind and body in perfect balance?

During your nutritional consultation, I’ll discuss everything from the foods you should eat in order to stay well and prevent disease (as well as the foods you must avoid) to the secrets of digestion and the importance of mindfulness during mealtimes. Afterwards, I’ll design the very best diet according to your dosha type and then continue to monitor your progress over 30, 60 or 90 days to ensure it’s benefiting you properly. Please note, this is a purely diet-based program that’s focused on your daily nutrition. Unless you have a pre-existing condition that requires additional help, I will not prescribe supplements.


It’s a hectic, stressful world, and you need to stay as fit and well as possible if you’re going to enjoy its rewards and overcome its challenges. But is your lifestyle as healthy as it could be? No matter how carefully we look after ourselves, we only need to overlook one small detail to create an imbalance and open the doorway to ill health.

During your lifestyle consultation, I’ll design the perfect lifestyle program for your dosha type. This will include a diet plan and exercise routine, including yoga, meditation, and breathing practices. As with everything else I do, this program will be uniquely tailored to you. If you have any limitations that have prevented you from enjoying exercise in the past, I will ensure that the program I devise is as easy, comfortable, and effective as possible. Just as Ayurveda keeps your doshas in balance, my focus will always be on keeping your lifestyle in balance too. Unlike most other lifestyle programs, I promise your Ayurveda lifestyle plan won’t become a chore and it definitely won’t overwhelm you.


Life moves so fast and we are all under enormous pressure. It’s no wonder that the number of people experiencing mental health disorders increases rapidly year upon year. But conventional medicine is woefully unsuited to treating mental health. Despite the fact that mental health is less of a taboo subject than it’s ever been, doctors are trained to either play our concerns down (“it’s just a bad case of the blues”) or prescribe drugs that are generally ineffective and usually have extremely harmful side effects. And did you know that 60% of disease starts psychologically rather than physiologically?

Ayurveda recognizes the individuality of our mind and our body, and their inseparable relationship with each other. In fact, one definition of Ayu is that “life is the combined state of body, senses, mind and soul.” My manovikara consultation honors that knowledge and is specifically designed for people who are living with a mental health condition and want to find a better, more natural and effective way to overcome it (without the side effects of modern drugs.) Using your dosha type, I’ll design a program that’s designed to bring your mind and body into perfect balance to relieve and eventually remove your symptoms. The manovikara consultation covers all forms of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, bipolar and schizophrenia.


Our Ayurveda detox is an extremely popular program, and probably the consultation we’re most famous for. It is a whole body top-to-toe detox treatment which is designed to completely cleanse and re-balance the body, strengthen the immune system, and accelerate the healing of a wide range of health problems, including skin conditions, liver conditions, diabetic conditions, and arthritic conditions. Other health problems like bowel disorders and mental disorders can be relieved by the detox too.

An Ayurveda detox has three parts, each tailored to your own specific needs according to your dosha type and your natural constitution (prakriti.) First, I’ll begin by ‘unsticking’ the toxins that are blocking your cells and the channels inside your body; secondly, I’ll cleanse your body by directing those toxins into specific organs from where they can be safely eliminated (the colon for vata dosha, small intestine for pitta dosha, and lungs for kapha dosha.) Finally, I’ll invigorate, tone and strengthen your body with a herbal colonic.

Depending upon your requirements, you can select either a 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day detox. In all cases, you will visit the clinic 3-4 hours each day to undergo a variety of deep cleansing treatments including Ayurvedic body massage, Ayurvedic head and scalp oil message to destress the central nervous system, and colonics that will purge all the toxins from your system. Afterwards, we’ll apply a second colonic containing a specially formulated herbal concoction that will fortify your internal organs, open your body’s energetic pathways to promote continued healing, and make your immunity more powerful.

At the end of your detox, I will design a diet and lifestyle program for you that will maintain your post-detox conditioning and continue the rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit.