As I write this, the COVID-19 crisis has locked down the world. Across the globe, hundreds of thousands of people have sadly died because their immune systems were not strong enough to fight off the virus. Many of them had pre-existing medical conditions that made them even more vulnerable to the disease, but even supposedly healthy people have been killed because their bodies couldn’t cope with this new microscopic enemy. Like most illnesses, COVID-19 is no respecter of age or status. It has struck down people from all walks of life, both the young and the old. Modern medicine has been unable to cope, with the global advice being, ‘Unless you’re so sick you have to be hospitalised, stay at home until the virus has run its course.’ That’s sensible guidance, but many of the people who stayed at home and survived COVID-19 have still been left with ongoing symptoms and medical experts are already speculating that coronavirus might inflict long-term damage on the organs of the body. According to some reports, catching and surviving the disease doesn’t create a guaranteed immunity either. There are already many people who have apparently caught COVID-19 for a second time.

If there’s one major lesson that COVID-19 is teaching us, it’s this: we can’t be complacent about our health, and we can’t assume that modern medicine will always have a cure for what ails us. If we’re going to stay fit and well and avoid infection, we must take responsibility for our own wellbeing.

Ayurveda naturally strengthens the mind, body, and immune system. It uses medicinal herbs to fight disease, herbs like amla, giloy and neem that are little-known in the western world but are highly regarded in India for their tremendous therapeutic properties. It teaches the importance of good digestion, which is essential for preventing illness. The way we breathe is vitally important too, because diseases like COVID-19 attack the respiratory system. Ayurvedic ‘pranayama’ breathing helps to boost our immune system, alleviate panic, and keep our lungs working properly. Ayurvedic treatments using medicated oils will, among many other benefits, strengthen the mucus membranes in our nasal passages to fend off invading viruses. The Ayurveda lifestyle keeps our body supple and our mind active and focused, so that we can remain positive and clear-thinking regardless of what is happening around us. Science has shown that the mind plays a crucial role in our ability to deal with illness, and that stress and anxiety weakens our immune system and lets disease inside. That’s why it’s called ‘dis-ease’ because the lack of ease within ourselves makes us vulnerable.

While conventional science is still struggling to find an antidote to COVID-19, the people who live an Ayurveda lifestyle have known the antidote all along. It’s an antidote that will continue to keep them healthy, regardless of the other diseases and variations of COVID-19 that the future will inevitably bring.

Prevention is better than cure. Stay well naturally. Keep your body in balance.

That’s why Ayurveda is more important now than ever before. 


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